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Gelatin and collagen


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Gelatin (Gelatin), water soluble protein mixture, collagen in skin, ligaments and tendons are partially hydrolyzed by acid or alkali or boiled in water to produce colourless or yellowish transparent chips or coarse powder. The gel is formed in water at 35~40 degrees centigrade (water content is 5~10 times that of dead weight). It is a kind of protein with incomplete nutrition, lacking some essential amino acids, especially tryptophan. It is widely used in food and making adhesives, photographic films, filters and so on.
With fresh cattle hide, bone, pig skin and bone as raw materials, using a full set of stainless steel equipment and strictly screening fresh bone skin, it is made through dozens of processes such as repeated washing and soaking, degreasing and neutralization, cooking and liquefaction, sterilization and filtration, concentration and drying. Gelatin is a kind of tasteless, colorless, translucent and hard amorphous material, which is insoluble in organic solvents. It has strong water absorption and high viscosity. Gelatin is a peptide molecular polymer and the hydrolysate of collagen protein, so it can be used as an additive. Our edible gelatin has many unique physical and chemical properties and high nutritional value It is rich in 18 kinds of amino acids necessary for human body. It can be directly made into thick soup, skin jelly, canned meat, crystal jelly, salad, yolk juice, icing, cream sugar, flavored sauce, chocolate, beverage, beer, etc. for people to eat. Industrial gelatin is colorless to light yellow, transparent or translucent thin or powder. Tasteless, odorless. It absorbs water and expands in cold water. It is widely used in textile, printing, dyeing, plastics, electronics, national defense, aviation, emery cloth, sandpaper, matches, ink, rubber filler, arts and crafts pasting, wood furniture, leather polishing, dyeing and weaving sizing, metallurgical plating solution, banknote coating, make-up and hair gel, and other industries and departments. There are low viscosity and low ash industrial gelatin for extracting hydrolyzed animal protein and industrial gelatin for feed additives. Its molecular weight is 10000-70000, and the molecular weight of advanced gelatin is 100000-150000. Gelatin is a kind of sulphur containing amino acid which is very low, and its content is very high. Its gelatin is not soluble in cold water, but it absorbs 5-10 times the weight of cold water. It is easy to dissolve in warm water, and the gel is formed by cooling. The melting point of rubber is between 24-28 degrees C. Its solubility and temperature are very small. It is easy to deteriorate by the influence of moisture, temperature and humidity. Collagen from animal collagen can be obtained by partial acid hydrolysis (type A), partial alkali hydrolysis (type b), and even enzymatic hydrolysis.
Gelatin is the hydrolysate of collagen. It is a kind of high protein without fat and cholesterol. It is a natural nutritional food thickener. After eating, it will neither make people fat, nor lead to physical decline. Gelatin is also a powerful protective colloid with strong emulsifying power. It can inhibit the coagulation of milk, soybean milk and other proteins caused by gastric acid after entering the stomach, which is conducive to food digestion.