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To provide users with a full range of customized design and manufacturing services
Craftsman Spirit, Keep Improving
The company is specialized in complete sets of gelatin equipment, collagen extraction equipment, environmental protection equipment, crushing, drying, heat exchange, evaporation concentration, filtration, biological extraction, design and manufacturing enterprises
Customer First, Intimate Service
One year 365 days, one day 24 hours online to provide you with quotation, consultation, for users to implement the design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning of one-stop service, trying to provide users with a full range of customized design and manufacturing services
Efficient Production And Fast Delivery
The main equipment and complete sets of gelatin equipment are exported to Mexico, Denmark, Israel, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Brazil, Egypt and other countries one belt, one road.
Quality Is Life, Product Is Character
70% of new customers come from old customers. For the special manufacturing equipment imported from Germany, there are 10 national authorized patents, among which 3 national invention patents are recognized by customers at home and abroad
Quality Assurance
No production defect, no outflow defect, output product full inspection shipment
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Application Cases
Common witness of customers in multi industry application fields
  • Gelatin and collagen
    Gelatin and collagen
  • Chemical industry
    Chemical industry
  • Food sector
    Food sector
  • Medical field
    Medical field
  • gelatin
    Gelatin (Gelatin), water soluble protein mixture, collagen in skin, ligaments and tendons are partially hydrolyzed by acid or alkali or boiled in water to produce colourless or yellowish transparent chips or coarse powder. The gel is formed...[More]
  • Heat exchange technology
    Heat exchange technology
    Heat exchange, also known as heat exchange, is a process in which heat energy is transferred from hot fluid to cold fluid indirectly (e.g. through the intermediate wall) or directly. Because of its complex properties, not only the heat cond...[More]
  • Application of evaporation and concentration equipm
    Application of evaporation and concentration equipm
    The purpose of hair concentration is to obtain a favorable vapor-liquid equilibrium condition by using the difference of volatility between solvent and solute. That is to say, when the volatility of solute in solution is small and the solve...[More]
Industry news /
  • Jilin Aodong groups 4000 ton bone gelatin project, which was designed, manufactured and installed by our company, was successfully tested in early April this year. It completely met the design requirements, marking the birth of a new and int...【More】
The level of technology and quality is recognized by customers at home and abroad
Nantong Keda Chemical Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specialized in manufacturing a full set of gelatin equipment, collagen and biological extraction equipment and environmental protection equipment. It has independent import and export rights and is located in Nantong Gangzha Eco...